Applied Health Liver Cleanse

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• Removes Toxins, Waste & Heavy Metals
Boosts Metabolism and Burns Fat
• Restores Energy & Immune System

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Applied Health Liver Cleanse

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Our best-selling product: Applied Health’s Liver Cleanse is precisely formulated to benefit the liver when it is subjected to today’s lifestyle of stressful living, poor diets, overeating, environmental pollutants and pesticides.

The liver performs over 500 vital functions within your body everyday. So it’s no surprise that a sluggish and overworked liver is responsible for a vast amount of health ailments currently affecting millions everyday.

Common Symptoms of a Poorly Functioning Liver Include:

• High Blood Pressure
• Obesity
Acne and Other Skin Problems
• Always Feeling Fatigued, Tired and Have Mind Fog
• Diabetes
• Constant Bloating or Constipation
• Hormone Imbalance
• Food and Air-Born Allergies
• Coated Tongue, Have Embarrassing Bad Breath and Body Odor
Elevated Liver Enzymes & Fatty Liver Disease

However, one of the scariest things about liver disease is that many of the symptoms are easily brushed aside as being just the normal discomforts of our modern, busy lives. If you’re expressing any of the symptoms of a poorly functioning liver then you need to begin the healing process right away or they will continue to worsen overtime.

Why Applied Health’s Liver Cleanse?

Of all the different liver support products out there, why choose this one? What makes this one unique?

The answer is their patented ADVANCED ENZYME TECHNOLOGY or (AET). No other liver support supplement on the market has this technology. These enzymes are designed to enhance maximum delivery of key nutrient factors in your body.

Many beneficial herbs contain precursors that convert to potent antioxidants when exposed to specific enzymes. Without the enzymes effect, these important antioxidants will remain locked in the structure of the herb. These enzymes are not available in the human body, so must be supplied with the herbal components, activating at the time of ingestion.

There is an increase in free radical activity during periods of detoxification. Since free radicals are able to cause oxidative damage to other cells, it is imperative to supplement a detox program with antioxidants… and there is no better way than to have the formula carry self-contained antioxidants that are released at the critical time.

The herbs in Liver Cleanse, combined with the “unlocking” enzymes in AET, release the powerful antioxidants caffeic acid, quercetin, quinnic acid, and ferulic acid, shown to have greater antioxidant properties than that of vitamins E and C. No other liver support supplement on the market can do this.

Liver Cleanse Will:

• Stimulate your liver to dissolve fat
• Boost your metabolism and reduce food cravings
• Provide vital nutrients for digestion
• Extract toxins
• Clear mind fog
• Balance Elevated Liver Enzymes
• Help to Reverse Fatty Liver Disease and Alcohol Damage
• Reduce side-effects of hormone imbalances (Hot flashes, acne, weight gain, etc)

And Feel the Difference:

• Enjoy a stronger immune system
• Feel greater vitality and energy
Lose those “hard to lose” pounds
• Reduce food and air-born allergies
• Eliminate uncomfortable bloating and constipation
• And more!

Don’t be surprised if, after 30-90 days on the cleanse, you start noticing relief from symptoms that you previously had NO IDEA were connected to your overworked liver and various other digestive problems.

Applied Health’s Liver Cleanse is 100% guaranteed to provide results or you get your money back within 120 days. No questions asked.

Supplement Facts:

Applied Health’s all natural Liver Cleanse contains the following unique combination of nutritional factors to cleanse the liver and promote healthy liver function:

Taurine – Reduces cholesterol

Lecithin – Dissolves fats, protects against heart disease, improves brain function and helps repair the liver due to alcohol damage

Psyllium Seed Husk – Reduces risk of coronary heart disease, aids elimination and weight loss

Dandelion Root – Diuretic, cleanses blood and liver

Milk Thistle Extract – Detoxifies liver, acts as an anti-oxidant, helps digest fats and reverses liver damage

Artichoke Extract – Powerful liver tonic, breaks down fat and improves bile flow

Beet Root – Aids in cleansing liver and digestive tract

Barley Grass – Heals digestive tract, including colon disorders, effective anti-inflammatory, high in many nutrients

Carrot Powder – Rich source of Vitamin A and other anti-oxidant properties

Slippery Elm Bark – Soothes and heals digestive tract, promoting better function

Advanced Enzyme Technology™ – Proprietary live enzyme blend to enhance absorption of herbal extractions, and support healthy liver function.

**Contains NO sucrose, starch, yeast, wheat, corn, cholesterol, fat, dairy products, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors.**

Liver Cleanse with Advanced Enzyme Technology is recommended by medical doctors and pharmacists, and approved for exclusive import into China by the Beijing Health Ministry.

High-Potency, Pure & Simple
Made right here in the U.S.A.
100% Guaranteed!
Since 1997… No Compromises!

Applied Health Liver Cleanse

1 (1 Month Supply): $27.95

FREE Shipping!

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17 Reviews


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Hot Flashes Be Gone!
Sep 26, 2011 by Ana Eli

Started using this product to help balance my liver enzymes. Being recently diagnosed as menopausal and experiencing hot flashes, I tried to weather that storm without additional drugs that could further impair my liver. However, I started to notice that after taking the liver cleanse for a few weeks, my hot flashes lessened by at least 50%. Knowing that I take no other drugs, I must conclude that this is a direct result of the liver cleanse. I will continue to take the liver cleanse even after my enzymes are restored to normalcy and beyond, but for now, I'm grateful that it is helping me with the hot flashes that would often cause me to sweat even in the cold.

Liver Tests Showed Substantial Improvement
Sep 13, 2011 by Wendy

I first ordered this Liver Cleanse because I recently had some tests conducted at the doctor\'s office which showed I had elevated liver enzymes.

The meds that the doctor gave me weren\'t helping so I was looking for a natural approach and this looked the most promising out of all the products I had researched.

I am happy to report that within 30 days of taking this supplement and staying away from alcohol, my liver enzymes had returned to normal!

My doctor was also surprised to say the least ;)

So thank you very much! I have already ordered my second bottle and looking forward to seeing the long term effects.

Sep 08, 2011 by Mr. Lee

After using these wonderful products I am proud to say that on a daily basis I now **** like a racehorse, and can run nearly as fast. I mean that in a good way!

Aug 29, 2011 by Rob B

After reading about Foundation and Liver Cleanse and how they are great for allergies and fighting viruses, I thought it would also be good for my kids.

I started giving them small doses - 1 to 2 capsules a day. I know it has helped them build stronger immune systems, because they didn\'t have as many colds last year, plus it has helped their sinus allergies.

What I don\'t get is that they both used to have attention deficit problems, my oldest being the worse. I have noticed that has changed. It\'s not anywhere near as bad as it used to be. Is that possible?

Aug 29, 2011 by Tamara Jankoski

After 37 years of allergy shots, I didn't think anything would ever help me.

I had been to many doctors and nutritionists, but no one had answers that would work, other than allergy shots. My brother is the one who told me about the benefits of the liver cleanse and blue-green algae. I had never heard of it. He practically shoved the capsules down my throat, one day, promising me it would help my allergies.

I promised him that I would try the products, but the minute I had even ONE sneeze, I would return to my allergy shots. That was about ten years ago, and I have not returned to my allergist, at all.

Not for even one shot! He probably wonders what happened to me. Liver Cleanse combined with the Foundation Blue-green Algae is what I continue to take to prevent allergies.

For me, these products are more than effective. They are totally amazing!

Aug 29, 2011 by C.J.

I have just recovered from Hip Replacement surgery in record time. I credit taking Liver Cleanse, Foundation and CellRenew diligently during my recovery/rehab period for this speedy return to my normal life. Keep up the good work! Sorry to make this letter so short.

Aug 29, 2011 by Tricia

Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much I like your supplements. For years, I have suffered with annual bouts of pneumonia, but since I started taking Foundation and Liver Cleanse, I have only had one bout in the past three years, and it didn't last as long as usual. Also, I want to mention that I give it to my dog, too.

She's allergic to grass, so I open a capsule of Foundation and sprinkle it on her food. Her eyes used to be red and runny, but no longer. Her allergies are gone. These products are great for the immune system.

Aug 19, 2011 by Tom J

Can't do without Foundation and also the liver cleanse product. I am in business for myself, and often work sixty hours a week. It is exhausting, at times.

I have been using both supplements for several years now, and depend on it to keep me going when I get really tired, or, if I am starting to come down with a cold. I will swallow 2 or 3 capsules every couple of hours when I need more energy or to fight the cold. Really great products.

Aug 19, 2011 by Janice

I LOVE liver cleanse! I have always had allergies and would get shots all the time. When I started using liver cleanse and foundation regularly, I was able to stop the shots!

My allergies are basically gone. If I have an occasional flair up, I take more of the Liver Cleanse and Foundation and NO MORE ALLERGIES. Great stuff!

Aug 16, 2011 by Lee G

I have had trouble with allergies and was surprised to find that the liver plays a big part in how the body handles allergens. I decided to do use a liver tonic to see if this would help. I chose Liver Cleanse, because I liked the combination of beneficial herbs and enzymes.

I also like the capsules instead of a bad tasting liquid. After about a week, I noticed that I wasn\'t feeling as sluggish, and my nose wasn\'t running as much. My daily elimination improved, and even my stomach shrunk a little - not as much bloat. I still have some allergies, but not nearly as bad. am feeling so much better. I have a lot more energy, too.

4.9 5.0 17 17 Started using this product to help balance my liver enzymes. Being recently diagnosed as menopausal and experiencing hot flashes, I tried to weather that storm without additional Liver Cleanse

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